Young Journal of European Affairs


The Young Journal of European Affairs is a junior journal based in Munich, where students can publish academic papers on European Union policies from the very beginning of their academic career. From the first semester onwards, we offer young students an alternative to having their papers, some of which already contain a lot of work and potential, disappear into oblivion after submission. The YJEA offers incentives to invest more in early research projects. It provides students with opportunities to learn important key qualifications during their education, which are essential for a potential career in science. How does a publication process work? What is peer reviewing and what steps does my work go through on the way to the finished article? In addition, the journal contributes to sharpening the research interest of young students and awakening their curiosity for innovative knowledge gain. The articles published in the journal cover a broad variety of topics related to the European Union. Research is mainly carried out in the following policy areas:


  •       European Public Policy
  •       European Integration
  •       European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy
  •       Political Economy
  •       Global Governance Perspectives on the EU


We accept articles on a broad range of topics. All enquiries may be directed to the editorial board: