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Welcome to the blog of the Young Journal of European Affairs! Here you can find articles on how to improve your scientific research, career paths in International Relations as well as on several topics regarding Europe and the European Union.

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Have you always wanted to write about EU politics and share you ideas and thoughts with the world? Have you been working on a shorter opinion piece but not yet had the chance to publish it? Then submit your article to the YJEA Blog! All submissions and enquiries may be directed to nadia.elghali@yjea.org

Please note the following:

  • Submitting does not guarantee publication, all submissions will be assessed by the YJEA
  • Your post should have an intriguing title
  • Please mention your name, major, university and one or two brief sentences describing why this particular topic/subject interests you at the beginning of your contribution
  • Please mark 2-3 (depending on the length of your contribution) important thoughts in bold. These will be highlighted as quotes (see our earlier blog posts)
  • The YJEA will search for a licensed featured image. Please do not attach images to your submission
  • Blog posts shall at least contain 1000 and not exceed 2500 words
  • It is not necessary to include a list of references for opinion pieces. If your post is based on a research paper, however, please provide a list of references and use footnotes rather than in-text citations.
  • Quotes, tables and figures need to be cited properly
  • Contributions shall be submitted in word format
  • All rights remain with the author(s)

Blog submissions may deal with a variety of questions concerning the European Union. For orientation, please check the fields of study on our website. You may submit analytical pieces but also opinion pieces. In the latter case, please mind the rules of respectful discourse, otherwise your submission will not be considered. We note that the responsibility for the content published will not lie with the YJEA but with the author(s).

IR in Science

In this category we publish interviews with senior academics, asking them about their work, their career in academia, and useful tips and tricks to improve your own research. These articles will help you prepare your papers for an academic publication.

IR in Practice

Here you find interviews with IR practitioners, ranging from diplomats to policy advisors. This category will provide inspiration about possible future career paths and what those entail for students of International Relations who wish to pursue a career outside of academia.

Policy Analysis

In this category, we analyse current debates in International Relations also including foreign policy analyses revolving around issues concerning the European Union. Contributions by guest authors are possible in this section (see requirements above).