Future of Europe: Migration Policy – Aspirations vs. Reality

Starting into the Council Presidency, Germany declared that migration policy in the European Union would be one of the focal points during the six months to come. Now, more than four months in, the issue many thought would be off the table due to different priorities during the corona pandemic has attracted more public scrutiny than anyone had imagined back in July 2020. The coronavirus especially affecting refugees who are most vulnerable, the burning down of Moria, the new proposal by the European Commission are just among the most prominently […]

Theories structure our thinking

With this article, we follow up on the previous IR in Science contribution with Dr Monique Taylor regarding theory. This time we asked Prof Dr Elvira Rosert how to work with theories once you already found a suitable theoretical framework and discussed other aspects regarding theories that interested us.   YJEA: You mainly do research in the field of international norms and international humanitarian law. Why are you particularly interested in these topics? Rosert: My overarching research interest lies in the question of how social progress is possible. How can […]

You can’t avoid theory

In our second contribution to the science blog, we are interested in how to find a suitable theory for your research. We, therefore, talked to Dr Monique Taylor, lecturer at the University of Helsinki, and received some useful tips on finding a theoretical approach and becoming a better researcher.   YJEA: You do research mainly in the field of international political economy (IPE), with a particular interest in governance and institutional change and focus on China and Southeast Asia. Why are you particularly interested in these topics? Taylor: In essence, […]

Climate Diplomacy: Working towards climate neutrality

YJEA: Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your job. Leonie van der Stijl: My name is Leonie van der Stijl and I’m a Dutch diplomat. I currently work at the directorate for Inclusive Green Growth (IGG) in the climate diplomacy team. The directorate houses a team of about 80 people. We cover food security, water, energy, arctic policies, and climate change. The climate team does two main things: on the one hand, we work on development programs, for example, a lot with the GIZ on renewable energy […]

Future of Europe: German Council Presidency – Sovereignty, but for whom?

On July, 1st, Germany took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union until the end of 2020. What an exciting time to be in this position, the neutral observer might be tempted to assume, not mistakenly so. The coronavirus pandemic needs to be tackled in a common European effort, the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) needs to be agreed on rather urgently and not to be forgotten, the UK will have officially left the European Union, with or without a deal. The German government’s program appears to be […]

Peacebuilding and Conflict Management – How recent graduates founded Wem’Afrika

This is the first contribution to the IR in Practice section of the blog. This category is designed to provide students of IR with insights about possible career paths in IR outside of academia. This time, we interviewed Pauline Ngongang about her NGO and her work in peacebuilding and conflict management.   YJEA: Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your job? Pauline Ngongang: My name is Pauline and I was born in Cameroon, in the western region. I grew up in the southwest region, where I pursued […]

“Publish or Perish”

This is the first contribution to our science blog. This category is designed to help students improve their research and rewrite and edit papers into articles ready for publication. We interview senior academics and ask them for their tips for successful and innovative research. This article is the first in a series and deals with the search for an innovative research question and testable hypotheses. For this purpose, we have talked to Prof Dr Christoph Demmke (University of Vaasa) and Prof  Dr Berthold Rittberger (University of Munich) to ask them […]

Welcome to the YJEA Blog!

Welcome to the blog of the Young Journal of European Affairs! Here you can find articles on how to improve your scientific research, career paths in International Relations as well as on several topics regarding Europe and the European Union. Contribute to the YJEA Blog Have you always wanted to write about EU politics and share you ideas and thoughts with the world? Have you been working on a shorter opinion piece but not yet had the chance to publish it? Then submit your article to the YJEA Blog! All […]